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How To Get Fast Abs:

Discover Unusual Tips and Foods That Will Help You Lose That Stubborn Abdomen Fat & Get A Lean, Toned Flat Stomach!

And You Can Do It In 8 Weeks!

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A huge percentage of people these days carry excess abdominal fat and most of them do not know the danger but simply think it is ugly and deters them from showing off their bodies. Everyone who wants to know how to get fast abs should know that excess fat around the abdomen is also dangerous and a serious health risk.

How to Get Fast Abs

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Research shows that even though it is generally unhealthy to have excess fat throughout the body it is especially dangerous for one to have excess fat around the waist, hence the need to know how to get fast abs.

The two types of abdominal fat are:
1. Subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath our skin and covers the abdominal muscles.
2. Visceral fat lies deeper beneath the muscles in the abdomen and surrounds the organs. Read the rest of this entry

Workout motivation is just as important as knowing how to exercise and what to eat. If you can’t bring yourself to do it consistently, it won’t matter how well you do it.

So you don’t want to train today?

Yup. Sounds about right. If you are human you will have days where the thought of a workout makes you sick to your stomach. It seems impossible. It feels like you’re at the bottom of Mount Everest looking up. There are 100 easier things you could do with your time.

However, when it comes to fitness, consistency is results.

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How to Properly Perform Abs Exercises

Abs exercises are a part of many of our work out routines, but a majority of us are performing them wrong. Ever wonder why you don’t get six pack abs after doing hundreds of crunches every week? When performing abs exercises, it is important to keep several things in mind. Form, diet, and frequency play an important part in performing abs exercises.

Maintaining Good Form during Abs Exercises

Sometimes we get lazy while doing our ab workout routine, but if you’re going to be lazy, don’t bother doing them at all. You can get better results doing 5 good crunches over doing 50 sloppy crunches. So how you do you make sure you are maintaining good form during abs exercises?

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How to Lose Belly Fat for Women – Good Tips

Author: sala777

Other than physical appearance weight affects a person in many ways. This could be the overall quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical incapabilities. There are a lot of positive changes once a person experience weight loss. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that will surely trim down those fats and get a super slim head turner body.

The first thing that an over-weight should do is seek a doctor to recommend the best weight loss regimen. This will be done after a full physical examination, which leads to the determination of proper weight loss technique. And to lose weight fast and effectively four aspects of life should be changed: what to eat, how to eat, behavior and activity level.

Here are fast tips that can change an over-weight’s life:

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Intense and One of the Best Abs Workout

Author: Michael Greene

What I have outlined below is a very intense abdominal workout. You are encouraged to follow this but remember without a strict diet the training will not mean much.

When training your midsection, I feel that you should either start with lower abdominal exercises where the legs come towards the chest (leg raises, knee-ins), and then finish with upper abdominal exercises where the chest comes towards the hips and oblique muscles (sit ups, crunches, machines, side crunches). The abdominal exercises for your lower abs are usually harder, which is why I believe that you are better do those exercises first in your workout. Another way to use this approach is to alternate between a lower abdominal exercise and an upper abdominal exercise, and then finish up with your oblique muscles. Let’s discuss the best exercises to maximally develop your abdominal muscles. Read the rest of this entry

If you are looking to get yourself out of your plateau and get a different fitness training plan or technique to eradicate boredom and get new results, workout “complexes” may very well be just what you are searching for.

But what are workout “complexes” exactly? Check out today’s podcast for more info:

Fitness Training Plan – Barbell, Dumbbell and Kettlebell “Complexes” to Get Your Body to the Next Level of Conditioning and Hardness

One of the many fitness queries received on a daily basis from people all over the world is one that focuses on the common theme of the struggle they are going through trying to get rid of the fat around their abdomens that turns out to be immovable no matter how hard they try or what abs work out they perform.

Check out today’s podcast that discusses the main abs work out tips from fitness professional Mike Geary:

Abs Work Out Secrets for Getting Rid of Stubborn Stomach Fat

Today’s podcast discusses something that is important when planning out your six packs diet and that very many people are possibly not aware of… the huge difference between good trans fats and bad trans fats. Evidence reveals that good, natural trans fats facilitate fat loss, muscle building and cancer prevention, whereas bad trans fats are blamed for causing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and general body “blubbering”. Check out today’s podcast for more info:
Six Packs Diet – Artificial Trans Fats vs. Natural Trans Fats

Podcast Episode 1: How to Get Fast Abs

A big number of people nowadays have excess stomach fat but most of them are not aware of the danger because they simply think it is unsightly and they can’t show off their bodies. All the people should be aware of the dangers of having that excess fat around the stomach and discover how to get fast abs. Check out this podcast for more info:
How to Get Fast Abs The Hidden Risks of Excessive Abdominal Fat

The Amazing Shortcut to Better Health

Gretchen Reynolds has been writing about the science of health and fitness for more than a decade. Phys Ed, her weekly column in the New York Times, is one of the paper’s most popular features, regularly appearing on top of the “Most E-mailed” list. Now Ms. Reynolds has distilled the knowledge gained from years of fitness reporting into a new book, “The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer,’’ published last month.

Check out this interesting article by Tara Parker-Pope from the NY Times blog where she interviews Ms. Reynolds about her new book and let me know what you think.
The Surprising Shortcut to Better Health

Is weight training or cardio workouts more effective for burning fat?

How to Get a Fast Six PackMany weekend warriors, fitness buffs, or anybody trying to get a fast six pack, lose body fat, or get into shape believe that they require “cardio” training to attain their goals.

Low-moderate cardio workouts can be useful to deconditioned or overweight people, but there are other effective methods even in such cases.

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The True Facts About AbsMike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs is currently the most popular book he has ever written about belly fat and the true secrets about abs. Chances are that you have already heard about it maybe once if not more times. The question is whether the course is worth the money, popularity aside. Does someone really get the results they expect?

1. Why Is Mike’s Course Different from the others? The True Secret about Abs:

To most people’s surprise, the Truth About Six Pack Abs course does not actually center on the abdominal muscles at all. This sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry

Exercise for Abs for Men

Exercise for Abs for Men - BodybuilderYou are wrong if you believe that plain sit ups will give you a quick reduction of that belly. Sorry to say it, BUT sit ups as exercise for abs for men only strengthen the abdominal muscles without reducing the belly fat. Men usually add on belly fat, sometimes starting from the age of 30yrs, as they start growing older. But you can clear that bulging belly by just performing some specific exercises.

Russian Twist Exercise for Abs for Men

The Russian Twist is a powerful exercise that gives the equivalent of 10 sit ups.

Keep the body straight as you lie down on a declined workout bench. Lift the upper part of your body making a semi circular motion from right to left. Repeat this exercise severally till your abdominal muscles begin to tighten. Again, this shows that the exercise is being effective.

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Warning: the result of this training may be a stronger, dramatically leaner body as this workout for abs for men is completely different from the ones you know.

For those people who don’t have time for the gym or the usual gym rat who has reached a plateau and needs some break this workout will be great.
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The Ultimate Abdominal Program Workout

This abdominal program exercise can give you a head to toe rock-hard body with ripped abs!

The “Front Squat”: The ultimate workout not only for your legs, but for your abdominal program too.

I am sure you already know that the squat is considered top of the league as a very effective general exercise that stimulates the whole body’s composition changes (fat loss and muscle gain).

The reason is that training with deadlifts and squats utilizes more muscle groups with a heavy weight than all the other weight bearing and abdominal program workouts in record. Deadlifts and squats use hundreds of the entire body’s muscles to move the weight and to stabilize the body during the drill.

These exercises, therefore, stimulate the maximum hormonal production (enhancing, testosterone, the growth hormone responsible for muscle building and also burning fat, etc) of all the abdominal program exercises.
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Today I want to discuss something most of you are not probably aware of and that is crucial when planning your six packs diet… the big difference between bad trans fats and good trans fats. Evidence shows that good trans fats are good in facilitating the loss of fat, cancer prevention and muscle building, while bad trans fats are responsible for causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and body “blubbering” in general.

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Among the many fitness questions received daily from people around the world is one from the common theme that revolves around the struggles they go through trying to loose that fat around their stomachs that proves to be stubborn regardless of what abs work out they try or how hard they try.

Mike Geary is a fitness professional that I just met recently. Mike is a famous abs work out expert who deals specifically with the most applicable approaches for losing abdominal fat to enable you to finally uncover those six pack abs you desire so much.

Mike’s strategies include nutrition aspects as well as training techniques put together. It is impressive to see how Mike has developed one of the best, well-researched abs work out resources for taking care of all the necessary techniques to enable you to finally lose that nasty abdominal fat permanently.
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If you need to break yourself out of a plateau and get a different technique or fitness training plan to get new results and eradicate boredom, workout “complexes” could be just what is right for you.

Just what exactly are workout “complexes”?

Fitness Training Plan

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Instead of the typical fitness training plan where you perform sets, a “complex” is mainly a routine performance of different exercises.

It is a routine fitness training plan that is outstanding in working large portions of the body’s musculature in the shortest time. You will be puffing and huffing just after 2 or 3 repetitions of a sequence because of the amazing conditioning feature of this sort of training.

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