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Among the many fitness questions received daily from people around the world is one from the common theme that revolves around the struggles they go through trying to loose that fat around their stomachs that proves to be stubborn regardless of what abs work out they try or how hard they try.

Mike Geary is a fitness professional that I just met recently. Mike is a famous abs work out expert who deals specifically with the most applicable approaches for losing abdominal fat to enable you to finally uncover those six pack abs you desire so much.

Mike’s strategies include nutrition aspects as well as training techniques put together. It is impressive to see how Mike has developed one of the best, well-researched abs work out resources for taking care of all the necessary techniques to enable you to finally lose that nasty abdominal fat permanently.
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If you need to break yourself out of a plateau and get a different technique or fitness training plan to get new results and eradicate boredom, workout “complexes” could be just what is right for you.

Just what exactly are workout “complexes”?

Fitness Training Plan

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Instead of the typical fitness training plan where you perform sets, a “complex” is mainly a routine performance of different exercises.

It is a routine fitness training plan that is outstanding in working large portions of the body’s musculature in the shortest time. You will be puffing and huffing just after 2 or 3 repetitions of a sequence because of the amazing conditioning feature of this sort of training.

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A huge percentage of people these days carry excess abdominal fat and most of them do not know the danger but simply think it is ugly and deters them from showing off their bodies. Everyone who wants to know how to get fast abs should know that excess fat around the abdomen is also dangerous and a serious health risk.

How to Get Fast Abs

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Research shows that even though it is generally unhealthy to have excess fat throughout the body it is especially dangerous for one to have excess fat around the waist, hence the need to know how to get fast abs.

The two types of abdominal fat are:
1. Subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath our skin and covers the abdominal muscles.
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