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The True Facts About AbsMike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs is currently the most popular book he has ever written about belly fat and the true secrets about abs. Chances are that you have already heard about it maybe once if not more times. The question is whether the course is worth the money, popularity aside. Does someone really get the results they expect?

1. Why Is Mike’s Course Different from the others? The True Secret about Abs:

To most people’s surprise, the Truth About Six Pack Abs course does not actually center on the abdominal muscles at all. This sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry

Exercise for Abs for Men

Exercise for Abs for Men - BodybuilderYou are wrong if you believe that plain sit ups will give you a quick reduction of that belly. Sorry to say it, BUT sit ups as exercise for abs for men only strengthen the abdominal muscles without reducing the belly fat. Men usually add on belly fat, sometimes starting from the age of 30yrs, as they start growing older. But you can clear that bulging belly by just performing some specific exercises.

Russian Twist Exercise for Abs for Men

The Russian Twist is a powerful exercise that gives the equivalent of 10 sit ups.

Keep the body straight as you lie down on a declined workout bench. Lift the upper part of your body making a semi circular motion from right to left. Repeat this exercise severally till your abdominal muscles begin to tighten. Again, this shows that the exercise is being effective.

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Warning: the result of this training may be a stronger, dramatically leaner body as this workout for abs for men is completely different from the ones you know.

For those people who don’t have time for the gym or the usual gym rat who has reached a plateau and needs some break this workout will be great.
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The Ultimate Abdominal Program Workout

This abdominal program exercise can give you a head to toe rock-hard body with ripped abs!

The “Front Squat”: The ultimate workout not only for your legs, but for your abdominal program too.

I am sure you already know that the squat is considered top of the league as a very effective general exercise that stimulates the whole body’s composition changes (fat loss and muscle gain).

The reason is that training with deadlifts and squats utilizes more muscle groups with a heavy weight than all the other weight bearing and abdominal program workouts in record. Deadlifts and squats use hundreds of the entire body’s muscles to move the weight and to stabilize the body during the drill.

These exercises, therefore, stimulate the maximum hormonal production (enhancing, testosterone, the growth hormone responsible for muscle building and also burning fat, etc) of all the abdominal program exercises.
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Today I want to discuss something most of you are not probably aware of and that is crucial when planning your six packs diet… the big difference between bad trans fats and good trans fats. Evidence shows that good trans fats are good in facilitating the loss of fat, cancer prevention and muscle building, while bad trans fats are responsible for causing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and body “blubbering” in general.

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